Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Program at Peak Performance  features a team approach to rehabilitation and sports training. We work closely with Licensed Athletic Trainers and Coaches from Missoula’s  schools to improve our athlete’ s access to the knowledge and experience our SportsMed team has to offer.

From answering common training questions to performing injury checks, Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is dedicated to our athlete’s performance and their future health and happiness.

Mike Cole, OPT, LAT, leads Peak’s Sports Medicine Program and knows the value of teamwork.

By incorporating Physicians, Physical Therapists, Licensed Athletic  Trainers, Parents, Coaches and other medical providers in the care of an athlete enables us to provide  comprehensive treatment after an injury.


As Missoula’ s only certified SportsmetricsTM training site we strive to provide  higher-level physical training for Missoula area athletes.

SportsmetricsTM is NOT just another plyometric training program.The program, designed by Cincinnati Sports Medicine & Research Education Foundation,is structured to progress the athlete from  technique development to performance enhancement.

The six-week  training program called Sportsmetrics  was designed to help athletes refine neuromuscular control of the lower  limbs. The results included  a reduction in landing force of 22 percent, 50 percent less side-to-side  twisting of the knee joint on impact with the floor,and a 10 percent  increase in vertical jump.

Benefits of SportsmetricsTM

Every trainer has a degree in the exercise field and is certified by CSMREF as a Certified SportsmetricsTM trainer.Athletes are supervised throughout every session from the warm up to the concluding stretches.

Student-to-trainer ratios are no higher than 6 to 1so each athlete  receives individualized recommendations and attention based upon the results of the sports injury test.

When you need information and reassurance, we’re here for you. To learn more or to schedule a private/personal consultation call us at: 406.542.0808